The Graveyard

Themed Restaurant

Intense Brand identity for an experience beyond

The Grave-Yard is a graveyard themed restaurant and cafe located in bhopal, the food and interior is based around horror and afterlife. We worked to develop a brand identity which is consistent across their printed & Digital platforms that attracts people looking for some exciting and scary experience with premium food and service quality.

Services we delivered

Logo identity


Menu design

Sign boards


Promotional content

The Logo

The Grave-yard gets its unique identity through a handmade GY monogram that’s made to look like a skull with wings to accompany it. Its carefully crafted along with the typography that the monogram and the word-mark have a consistent structure. The overall logo is made to attack young audience that’s looking for a shock value, that the brand seeks to provide.


Tall serif typeface with Inverted R to create a mirror balanced effect just like the monogram, this gives the logo a very professional and confident visual. The word-mark is further exaggerated with edges to elevate the horror element without loosing the sophistication of the font.

Its modern, bold, edgy, confident and professional.

Brand Colors

Brand colors are kept black and white to signify life and death, with black being more prominent to elevate the horror.

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© Deselk Studio 2019. All rights reserved.