The Optimist Citizen

Positive News Paper

Spreading positivity through optimistic design

The Optimist Citizen is india’s only positive newspaper based in Bhopal, We are working together for about a year, designing the monthly newspaper making sure that the visuals portray the positive and optimistic vibes and a unique design for every single inspiring story covered.

Services we delivered

Layout Design


Typographic identity

The Design

Each page is designed according to the story, creating illustration where needed to enhance visual attraction and making the information easier to understand for the reader. 

Always keeping in mind the what the target audience would love we have created a consistent identity that is observable across all the newspapers we designed since January 2019 and also keeping it a bit similar to the previous design so that we do not confuse the readers.


Our first priority is readability while selecting the fonts, Heading fonts are selected based upon the feelings that the story is reflecting making sure that legibility is not sacrificed.

Color Schemes

Colors that are easy on the eyes of the targeted reader and relevant to the emotions of the story are carefully thought and executed.

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© Deselk Studio 2019. All rights reserved.

© Deselk Studio 2019. All rights reserved.